Every Day Checklist for a Healthier Bod

Photo by @lkbphotography

Photo by @lkbphotography


It’s the things we do in our daily routines that create the ultimate results we desire.

1. Positive attitude– There will no doubt be challenges every single day but it is our goal to try and stay positive despite these obstacles.

The tests will continue to come, we just have to become better students.

2. Hydration– Drink purified, clean water throughout your day. This will help your body flush and remove unwanted toxins and build up within the intestines and other organs.

If you are not releasing as much as you are eating or taking in, then there is an imbalance and most likely you need more fluids and roughage (fiber) in your daily diet.

3. Fruits and veggies first. Always eat the colorful foods on your plate first. This excludes food that has been colored with food coloring, like skittles.

Some say, eat only fruit until noon.

4. Walk– Preferably after each meal. Don’t wait for your food to settle. A nice brisk walk will encourage and assist your body in proper absorption.

However, refrain from intense working out right after eating as this can disrupt the digestive process.

Another reason to walk is, studies show that even a 10 minute walk immediately boosts brain chemistry to increase happiness.

5. Listen to your body– Some days you will be more active and need more calories. Other days you will be less active and your body won’t crave as much nutrition.

Let go of the old idea, three square meals per day with snacks in between.

Overeating just once a week can cause harm to your body.

Choose to listen to what your body needs each day.

The more you listen, the louder and wiser that voice becomes.


My Top 5 Supplements For Joint Health

Photo by Monty Beisel

Photo by Monty Beisel

I am a big believer in trying to get most of our nutrients from our diet but with the depleted soil lacking many of the essential nutrients our bodies need, supplementation is often necessary.

We don’t want to do over do it though!

There is a fine balance between supplementing what your body needs and overstimulating it with too much, which can do more harm then good.

Get blood tests at least once a year to check your levels and if you suffer from a disease then at least every 6 months.

When our body does not get the balance it craves then it can pull from toxic sources such as radiation and trigger disease.

Now lets get back to the goods!

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I have tried and tested almost everything and these supplements are my Must Have top 5!

1. D3/K2- Most of us are lacking Vitamin D3 and don’t even know it. Furthermore, dont’ realize that D3 is actually a hormone and needs K2 for it to be properly assimilated into the bones.

Twenty minutes a day in the sun can give your body adequate amounts of Vitamin D3. Minus chemically filled sunscreens. Choose zinc oxide or other natural forms of sun protection if need be.

2. Curcumin- The number one inflammation fighting nutrients. Used in Ayurvedic medicine and a staple in India for centuries. You really can’t get enough of this gem.

Try my Golden Milk Latte Recipe here.

3. Probiotics- A must if you suffer from any digestive or auto immune disorders. It is said that disease begins in the gut. Probiotics help your body to have healthy gut flora that keeps your entire system in optimal health.

4. Krill oil- Essential fatty acids literally lubricate the joints from the inside out. Helping to keep your body mobile, flexible and fight inflammation.

Lack of synovial fluid within the joints is one of the major causes of lack of mobility and pain. Proper essential fatty acids within the body and movement are the two best ways to combat this.

5. Wobenzym- First introduced in Germany over 40 years ago. Wobenzym is an authentic systemic enzyme that helps improve joint comfort and range of motion. I like to think of it as a natural ibuprofen.

If you find out that you are lacking certain nutrients, then introduce them one at a time so that you can see what is working and what is not.

Most supplements take up to 2 weeks to start feeling the positive effects so be kind, patient and most of all use your intuition, it knows best.

Crystal Therapy and How To Do It

For centuries, crystals have been used to heal, clear, and beautify their owners. Their mystical powers often surpass reality and their long lasting presence in health care stands the test of time.

You might say, but Jesse, how do I choose a crystal?

Easy,let it choose you!

Crystals are an abundance of energy and the one for you will seek you and vice versa. This is not a time to contemplate or think. Let your intuition, your knowingness guide you and be open to what it tells you, even if it is not the most beautiful crystal there.

Crystals absorb energies. This could be good or bad energy. They are magic transmuters. Meaning, if there is negative energy somewhere then the crystal will do the job of absorbing it, rather than you. They are the ultimate cleaners and absorbers of anything negative.

For this reason, we need to keep our crystals clean so that they too can stay strong. The best ways to clean crystals is to smudge them with sage, mugwort, sandalwood, or another herb you desire. Another way is to place them in the sun for the day and let the suns rays clean them and lasty cleaning in salt water, there is an exception as some quarts can disinegrate in salt water, so be mindful.

There are a few rules when healing yourself or others with crystals.

When wearing crystals, be cautious of having any crystals with points that face up towards the face. This is common in some crystal jewelry. The energy directed upward could cause too much energy to be directed in one place and could cause headaches.

Also be mindful with crystals when pregnant, as the energy could be too activating.

In Feng Shui, it is suggested not to have crystals permanently in the bedroom, as it represents a third person in the relationship. So unless you want that, I suggest placing the crystals in a more desired area of your home.

Genuine crystals will always be cold to the touch so they make great compresses for achy body parts.

Think outside the box…

Massage your body with a round crystal. Give your face an uplifting massage with a wand crystal. If you are sick or need healing, surround yourself with your crystals and let them heal you while you sleep.
This is an exception for the bedroom crystals as it is not a permenant circumstance.

Sore throat? wear a blue topaz crystal around your neck.

Feeling heart broken? Keep rose quarts close to your heart.

Work on your computer everyday? Place a crystal on either side of the desktop to absorb the radiation, so you don’t have to.

When it comes to crystals and healing, let them speak to you and do what organically feels best for your body. Experiment in wearing them and holding them and see for yourself just how magical they are.

For crystal shopping check out @sorenityrocks

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Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.54.49 PM

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