Turn Your Coffee Into a Superfood Golden Latte


My super food, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, metabolic- boosting, energizing Golden latte.

This is not your ordinary latte. With a couple extra ingredients added to your every day cup of Joe, you can be energized & feeling & looking your best!



Organic coffee beans

Unsweetened organic almond milk (no soy!)

MCT Oil or coconut oil

Maca powder

Organic ground cinnamon

Organic ground turmeric

Stevia or raw, organic honey

Make your coffee as usual. Ground a fresh piece of turmeric ( about the size of your finger) and put into a cheese cloth to squeeze liquid out. ( use gloves to prevent staining hands)Put almond milk and turmeric juice into a sauce pan, add cinnamon to taste and heat for about 2 minutes. In your coffee cup, put one tablespoon of maca root along with one tablespoon of MCT oil or coconut oil. Add coffee and golden milk from saucepan into cup. Add stevia or raw honey to taste.

* It’s the little changes you make every day that end up being the big changes over a lifetime.


3 Ways To Get A Strong & Flexible Back At Home

Shot by Marcel Indik

Shot by Marcel Indik

Every cell, organ and tissue is controlled by our nervous system. Our spine protects it, wouldn’t is be a good idea to keep it strong and healthy? Our spine holds us up, supports us, and allows us to be mobile and active. In order to age gracefully we need to make it strong and agile.

Here are some simple exercises that you can do at home to achieve strength and grace.

1. Plank Variations- If you are a beginner then always start on your knees. Otherwise get into a basic push up position. Hold for 30 seconds. Firm your arms and legs, lift up through your abdomen (navel to your spine) and push back into your heels. Kneck long and breath. After 30 seconds, lower half way to (chaturanga) so that your arms are at a 90 degree angle and elbows hug into your midline (ribs). Hold one breath and return back to plank or push up stance for 30 seconds. Repeat 3x taking breaks in downward dog or child’s pose in between but only take a maximum of 3 breathes in a resting pose.

2. Belly time- Lay on your stomach, arms along side your body and feet flat so that you can feel all ten toes on the ground( inner thighs rotate up towards the ceiling) On an inhale lift your chest up off the ground as well as your legs. Try to keep big toes touching, neck long (don’t crank neck up, keep eye line down) and draw your tailbone down to protect lower back. As if doing snow angels bring your arms all the way up over your head, with your palms facing each other, then bring them back down and do that 3x. Repeat entire exercise 3x taking a maximum of 3 breath breaks in between, rotating the position of your head. For instance, your first rest you will have your head turned to the right, the next rest to the left and so on.

3. Staff Pose/Upward Plank- Start sitting on your bum with your legs together and straight out in front of you. Arms alongside your body, directly underneath your shoulders, palms flat with fingers pointing forward. First create as much length as you can in your spine, then on an inhale reach your hips high up towards the ceiling. Arms and legs are both straight and do not move. Ideally your big toes are touching and strive to have the soles of your feet, flat on the floor, but this takes lots of practice. Lift your hips up as high as you can and let your head follow, as long as it is comfortable. This looks like a reverse table top position and is called Purvottanasana in yoga. One breath up and one breath down as slow as possible. Start with 3x in a row and build up to ten. Taking a maximum of 3 breath breaks in between with your chin to your chest.

*You are only as young and healthy as your spine is strong and flexible.

3 Tools To Forgiveness That You Need To Do Today


Some people have forgiveness confused. Forgiving someone has nothing to do with the other person being right, instead it has everything to do with your health and the weight that carrying around hatred does to you. Irregardless of the details as to the situation that occurred that requires forgiveness, when you forgive it all becomes irrelevant. And it is not about getting the last word in, or karma, or revenge, it is about focusing on how you can be a better person by putting positive energy into the world and if you can do that you will rise up and fly beyond whatever used to affect you.

Here are 3 tools to help you get to that place.

1. Retrain your brain- If you find yourself pondering on a negative thought, acknowledge it, change it and replace it with a positive one and move on. Over time your thought pattern will become less and less affected by negative thoughts of people or situations and you will become more optimistic.

2. Silence is Golden- How beautiful is it to stay silent and calm when someone expects you to be engaged and enraged? No matter the situation, never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. When you choose not to react and let people or situations upset you, they become powerless and that is where you become powerful.

3. Visualize- Now this is the hardest of the three tools but by far the most effective. Remember before I tell you what you need to do, energy is energy, what you put out, you get back. It has nothing to do with winning or being right or them wrong. Now….Imagine the person that hurt you, on a stage, receiving all the accolade and wishes they have ever desired. If just the thought of this makes you sick, then you NEED to do this more than ever. Each time you visualize this positive occurrence happening, you will begin to release the pain, begin to feel weightless, happy, start the process of true forgiveness and you yourself will be the one receiving all the wishes granted.

* Forgiveness is essential to optimal health, however forgiveness and consciousness go hand in hand. Just because you forgive someone does not mean you need to befriend them or hang out with them again. You can send them love and positive energy from a distance.

5 Ways to Manifest with The New Super Moon & Spring Equinox


Today is a very special day, as there will be a solar eclipse, a new super moon and spring equinox. The eternal triangle! A trio of magical goodness that you can use to your advantage if you plant the positive seeds of affirmation today.

In history, Friday has always been a chosen day for love spells as it is considered the “day of Venus” governed by love and new moon spells have a symbolic essence to them, as they are the beginning and with each day grow bigger.

Supplies you will need: Sage or incense, a candle, herbal tea, pen and paper, magazines, pictures, scissors, glue, poster board,crystal or other piece of jewelry or trinket you love.

1. Set the mood by lighting a candle and making yourself a cup of herbal tea. Always begin a ceremony with a cleansing of the space. You can do this by burning incense, sage, or other herbs (smudging) symbolizing the start of your spell, intention, or manifestation.

2. Speak aloud that you want to gain clarity and have a clear vision to move forward with your goals and dreams. And that you want what is best for the highest good of your soul’s development and all concerned.

3. Begin writing down your desires. Do not hesitate or feel selfish. This is your time to ask the Universe. Don’t worry how she will get it to you. It can be one word at a time or a more elaborate explanation. There are no rules, except remove doubt.

4. Create a vision board with your most imPOSSIBLE dreams. Be sure to not have any sad, depressed, images on there and not more than one lover image, unless of course you seek that. Have the board signify everything you desire and want in life.

5. Finally, hold a crystal in your hand (or a trinket,or jewelry that you love) and put all that positive energy into the crystal. While holding the crystal recite what you wrote down out loud and look at your final vision board. Finish with the way you began, by burning sage and a closing prayer, thanking the New Moon Goddess for all of her blessings.

* At this New Moon, plant seeds for the Universe to tend. Set your vision upon the stars.




Most of you know that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and my inspiration and mission that started this blog was to have a platform to share the secrets that have helped me overcome and thrive. Now I have had the privilege to team up with My Intent , an amazing organization where their mission is to be a catalyst for meaningful conversations and positive energy through the process of creating your own “intentions” on a bracelet and/or necklace. All the sales of the bracelets will be going to a charity very close to my heart, The  Arthritis Foundation.

The Arthritis Foundation’s mission is to improve lives through leadership in the prevention, control and cure of arthritis and related diseases. They are constantly advocating for those suffering from various forms of Arthritis and immune disorders. Supporting scientific research to find a cause and a cure and connecting people who are facing challenges with living with these diseases and empowering them how to stay active and be health conscious.

There are more than 50 million Americans living with arthritis. Two thirds of the people are under the age of 65, including 300,000 children. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in the United States. Arthritis can take many forms, but three of the most common are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Juvenile Arthritis.

There is no cure or cause for Rheumatoid Arthritis and over a period of time, the chronic pain, stiffness and lack of mobility caused by inflammation can cause severe joint damage and deformation. In most people, the inflammation usually becomes systemic, affecting other organs such as the skin, heart, and lungs . 1.5 million have Rheumatoid Arthritis and woman are three times more likely to get it than men.

It is expected that by the year 2030, an estimated 67 million American adults will have arthritis.

What can you do? How can you help? Buy a My Intent bracelet or necklace now!

My mantra and hashtag is #BeGolden and that is the intention I chose to put on My Intent bracelet. #BeGolden means to be the best version of YOU! Flaws, disease, imperfections and all. To embrace who you are and with that, be successful, prosperous, thriving, radiant, and superb. It took me a long time to get to this place and I want to embrace it in hopes to inspire you to do the same!

Buy yours now  at My Intent and get 10% off all purchases and 100% of the proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation when you use coupon code “begolden” at checkout.

* We are all in this together. What affects one of us will eventually affect all of us.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Homeopathy & How To Use It


In the last couple of years, homeopathy has been revived and a lot  more people are using it as a form of treatment for all sorts of illnesses. More and more people are seeking and looking for holistic, natural ways to heal. I always say, nature first and I want to teach and encourage people to do the same. There is still a lot of mystery, misunderstanding, and oblivion about homeopathic remedies. I hope to enlighten you.

Here are 10 facts about Homeopathy so you can incorporate it into you and your families health plan.

1. The origins of Homeopathy date back to the Greek physician Hippocrates in the 5th century BC. He was revolutionary in his thinking because he was the first to think that disease is the result of natural, external forces, not from the Gods. He is known as the Father of Medicine and considered the individuals specific symptoms when choosing a remedy and believed that the body had the power to heal itself.

2. Homeopathy does not just cover up the symptoms of an illness but rather works by helping the body’s defense system to help itself. It is a safe, natural way to treat the Whole Body with no negative side-effects. If you chose the wrong remedy, it will simply not work.

3. Homeopathy treats the whole person, taking into account the unique physical and emotional constitution of each person. So even though two people may have the same illness, depending on their constitution they may require different remedies.

4. Like cures like. Homeopathy is based on this principle, called, Law of Contraries, meaning, an illness should be treated by a substance capable of producing opposite symptoms in a healthy person. Or similar symptoms to those being suffered by the sick patient.

5. Homeopathic remedies are made from all sorts of things from plants, animals, earth extracts to common foods such as onions and dried fruit. There are also several toxic remedies such as snake venom, mercury and black widow spiders.

6. There are 15 key remedies that have a wide-range of uses for general ailments and long-term conditions as well. These 15 remedies correlate with 15 most common constitutional types based on a persons emotional, physical attributes along with personality, temperament, fears, food preferences and general features.

7. There are 30 common remedies used for general, minor, everyday complaints and even some chronic illnesses. There are 105 minor remedies that are greatly valued for specific conditions, yet some are still not widely available.

8. The more diluted a remedy is, the stronger it is. This is shown by the number or potency. A less dilute remedy is not as strong and has a lower number or potency. Examples; 3c, 6c, 12c, 30c

9. It is best to take one remedy at a time. If an illness is acute and there is no underlying cause, then one remedy should do the trick. Chronic illnesses, however, might require an acute remedy followed by a constitutional type remedy.

10. Three things to keep in mind when taking a remedy.

1.Try not to touch the remedy. Most remedies come with a screw cap to be poured directly into the mouth.Otherwise use a clean spoon.

2. Do not eat or drink within 30 minutes before or after taking a remedy to ensure its effectiveness.

3. Certain foods and scents can antidote a remedy such as: coffee, alcohol, tobacco, mint, citrus, spicy foods, and heavy perfumes or cleaners.

* Homeopathy has remained largely unchanged since its introduction some 200 years ago. It remains as a safe and effective way to treat a wide range of common, everyday ailments. Always follow the stated dose and consult a medical professional if a complaint worsens.



Guided Meditation To Find Out Your Spirit Animals


I believe that each of us emit qualities of certain animals throughout our lives. I also believe that different animals come in to help us on our journey when we steer off track or need guidance. Sometimes we need to be as free as a bird and other times, ferocious as a panther. Tuning into different animal strengths during different phases of our lives.

These animals are totems or spirit animals. Many of us know what spirit animal guides we have within us or surrounding ourselves already because we have been drawn to them since adolescence. Maybe collecting jewelry or artwork of a particular animal or feeling you carry the same qualities of a certain animal. Spirit animals might be animals you often dream of or that you constantly see in a particular time of your life, sending you a message of guidance. New animals will and can come in during different times in one’s life but generally most of us have a handful of spirit animal guides in a lifetime.

Here is a meditation/relaxation technique to find out yours.

This will not work if you hesitate and question yourself, just let your imagination go & your first instinct guide you.

Get in a comfortable position, preferably lying down. Let go of anything you are touching or holding onto and let your body completely relax into the earth. Start at the top of your head, moving downward towards your feet and with each exhale release and let go. Letting your body completely relax and become heavy with each breath. Let thoughts come in, acknowledge them and let them go. Notice your bellies rise on the inhale and lowering on the exhale. Now imagine yourself walking in nature. Maybe you see green grass, maybe you see more of a desert theme or a body of water. Look all around, circling in a  360 degree view and take in all of your surroundings. There is no wrong answer, go with your first instinct. When you look in a distance you see a very large tree. A tree of life, as such, all by itself. As you walk towards the tree you feel the wind on your cheeks and you take in and acknowledge the scent of the air. With each step closer to the tree you start to see all different types of animals around and in the tree. Go with what you see, do not question anything. There is no animal too big or too small. As you look up and down and all around more and more animals start to appear. There is no fear, as all the animals are all together in harmony. You stay and connect with each and every animal spirit that shows itself, taking time to implant that energy into every cell of your being to harness it when need be. You listen closely for any message each animal spirit guide has for you. Once your heart is content, you lay down under the tree and take a nap. You take three deep inhales and slowly blink open your eyes. Slowly let your body come to and know that you have your animal kingdom and tree of life to go to whenever you need it.

*There are many great voices of wisdom but not all of them are human.

Click here to find out the meaning of each animal.

5 Gifts You Can Receive From Physical Pain

Shot by Todd Vitti

Shot by Todd Vitti

I grew up dancing for hours a day in a strict ballet environment. The strong discipline that is needed to practice such long hours each day created a high thresh hold for pain. No matter how tired, over worked, or injured I was, I was always taught to fight or work through my pain and keep going. I didn’t realize that most of my discomfort was caused from having rheumatoid arthritis. At the time, I didn’t know I had rheumatoid arthritis and ignored all the symptoms and ailments, assuming they were caused from my rigorous dance schedule. Eventually the symptoms progressed so rapidly that I became bed ridden and had no choice but to finally listen to my body. Changes needed to be made and I had to start working on myself internally and make dramatic life style changes. Being in constant pain from rheumatoid arthritis has taught me more that any other life lesson. Pain has been one of my greatest teachers.

Here are 5 ways that you can change your perception towards pain and let it be your greatest teacher.

1. Pain brings us to the present moment. There is nothing like a throbbing joint or aliment that can bring us to the present moment. We can be going through our day, then bam! our back goes out or a migraine kicks in. All of a sudden nothing else matters, except for that moment. Therefore it slows us down. If we don’t listen then the symptoms will progress and it will force us to slow down and be present. Truly living in the present moment and slowing down before the pain happens can possibly prevent health ailments to begin with.

2. Pain humbles us and puts our ego in check. So many of us go around as if we are bullet proof, super heroes but pain immediately has the ability to humble us. Pain makes us human. It creates a modest behavior that in turn, makes us very admirable and gives us the opportunity to build good character. I always say my auto- immune disease is part of my charm.

3. Pain creates compassion. There are so many people living with debilitating or life threatening diseases that have pain on a constant basis. When we are in pain ourselves, in comparison, it really puts things into perspective and teaches us to have compassion for those that live in pain daily or are less fortunate.

4. Pain creates gratitude. Appreciating the days when we are healthy and happy could be lost if it is not for the sick days every once in a while. We could take for granted our abilities but when we have pain we are reminded to have gratitude. Being grateful for everything, even the pain.

5. Pain makes us more health conscious. Some of the healthiest people in the world are those living with auto immune diseases. That is because the repercussions of eating poorly or taking poor care of themselves is instantly felt. They know that having a healthy life style directly affects how they feel. So pain is a reminder to be conscious of the choices of food we put into our bodies to create less dis-ease.

What we resist will persist. Embracing our pain and listening to our bodies signals can prevent future health problems. Having gratitude, compassion and kindness to ourselves and every living being creates ease and abundant health. Let pain be your teacher. A blessing not a curse.

* If we are wise enough to listen to our bodies when pain erupts then it will not be painful, it will become painless.- Jesse Golden

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of the New Year of the Sheep

Originally posted on The Golden Secrets®:


In Chinese astrology each year represents a different animal. There are a total of 12 animals that cycle. Your animal is based on what year you were born. Click here to find out.

Beginning February 19, 2015 we move into the year of the Green Wood Sheep (goat/ram) the 8th animal in Chinese astrology. Under the yin influence, the sheep is a symbol of peace, balance, harmony, and calmness. Some years/animals are more suited for each sign  but tuning into each animal can help you make the most out of each year.

Heres some ways to do that:

1. This will be a year that more will be accomplished intellectually than physically. Having more compassion and kindness will go a long way, as the sympathetic sheep displays.

2. Practicing self-awareness, mindfulness, and focus is very important this year. The sheep makes great stride when it is determined and focused…

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5 Things I Did To Put Rheumatoid Arthritis Into Remission

Shot by Marcel Indik

Shot by Marcel Indik


How I Healed Myself From Rheumatoid Arthritis
I always saw myself as a strong athletic woman that could get through anything. I grew up as a ballerina, dancing hours a day in my Mother’s dance studio. The rigorous dedication that it took gave me the discipline to push through pain, despite injury or illness. As I got older and became a Mother, I found a more delicate way of life through yoga and decided to become certified in 2008. During my certification, my body gave up on me and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Having never heard of the illness and despite my concerns and apprehension towards western medicine, I took my doctors orders and started treatment right away. Most rheumatologists believe in treating the disease vigorously with harsh immunosuppressants, increasing the chance of remission. My body rejected the pharmaceuticals and the lines became blurred between the disease itself and the medicines side effects.
My journey continued and the pendulum swung the other way as I gave up on western medicine and did everything Eastern to heal myself. I gave my entire life to the Macrobiotic way of life. I became a Guinea pig and investigated every aspect of my physical and spiritual lifestyle. I hit rock bottom, eventually unable to walk and at 5.10 I was barely 100 lbs…. Unable to move or care for myself, I had no quality of life, that is when the real work came in. With a microscope I became my own doctor. The tools that I acquired during this time is what eventually got me to where I am now. There is no pill or remedy, it is an ongoing lesson. I have been in remission for several years now and thrive on sharing the wisdom that I attained during one of the hardest times of my life.

Here are the top 5 things I did to heal myself.

1. Diet- It’s not just about becoming a vegetarian or being gluten free, although those may be. It is a mixture of things unique to you. Taking into consideration your heritage, your blood type, where you live and your personal experience with certain foods. Being aware of allergies or negative reactions to certain foods. Often what we love most is what we are allergic to or what is causing the pain and inflammation. One man’s food can be another man’s poison. If your instinct is telling you its not good for you, then listen to it because it is probably right. The sicker you are, the cleaner your diet needs to be.
When I got sick, the first thing I did was take away the most common predators. These included meat, wheat, alcohol, dairy, sugar, and caffeine. I literally thought my life was over and I would never be able to enjoy these foods again but that is simply not the case. Once your body resets itself and becomes more alkaline, you can slowly start to reintroduce the foods in moderation.

2. Lifestyle- Take a good look at your lifestyle and the people in it. Toxic environments or relationships are like poison to the body. Everybody is predisposed to certain illnesses but our environment and lifestyle can trigger them and bring them about sooner than need be or at all. Positive changes in your daily routine need to be made in order for their to be positive changes in your life.
Once my health was in jeopardy this became very evident to me and my days revolved around healing myself back to health. Yoga, meditation, body scrubs, acupuncture, epsom salt baths, affirmations and prayer all became part of my daily routine. I shifted into a constant state of gratitude for every little step towards wellness. I was on a strict Macrobiotic healing diet and eating became my medicine. I was taught that the energy I put into the food would come back ten fold, that it had to be alive and vary in color and vegetables, chewing thoroughly until liquid, and set times to eat were 8:30 a.m., 12:30p.m., and 5:30 p.m. with remedies and tinctures in between. My body went through a major healing crisis but I have never been more clear and I was willing to do anything in my power to get better.

3. Fitness- I find that most people with autoimmune diseases are attracted to high intensity workouts and pushing themselves to the extreme. Rheumatoid Arthritis causes the immune system to over respond, causing pain, inflammation and eventually deformation. Over working the body can entice the immune system to over react. Finding a gentler way to move on a daily basis is key and when the body is not physically able is when you need to listen and go internal and do the work within. I started practicing moderate exercises every day, like simple stretches to keep my joints lubricated and mobile. I would take many walks/shuffles because most days I could only get to a slow 90 year old women shuffle by about 3:00 p.m. but I believed I had to keep moving as painful as it was, to stay on top of the disease. It’s finding that balance that I never knew before, between pushing to hard and just enough. On days where walking was not an option is where the real magic happened and I had no choice but to be still. At first I wanted to jump out of my own skin not being able to move and be physical but I didn’t listen to my bodies signals to slow down so my body made me listen by giving me no choice.

4. Boundaries- Setting boundaries and limits on expectations for yourself and others. Knowing it is ok to say no and not help everyone in need and most importantly not having guilt when you do say no. Self care and self love is not selfish, you can not serve from an empty vessel. I truly learned these boundaries when I became a Mother. I could no longer say yes to everyone, as my son was my number one priority and I was simply not able, but until him I never felt worthy to say no on my own. Know that you are righteous and having self love and boundaries is vital for your journey to optimal wellness.
When I was sick, setting boundaries with people became vital for my health. I never wanted to appear weak to others. I prided myself on being a strong, independent women that could do anything herself and help others as well but my old ways of living no longer correlated with my new life. I had to humbly ask for help instead of helping others and learn to take care of myself first and that required practicing self-love.

5. Don’t compare yourself to others- Everybody has their own regime or recipe to have their body work at it’s optimal performance. You are a rare piece of china and need to be treated as one. You are a sensitive antenna and feel everything on a higher vibration so you need to protect yourself and treat yourself with love and compassion. Refrain from comparing yourself to what others are able to get away with in abusing their bodies. Treat your body as you would a child or baby and nourish it with good foods, compassion, and lots of love.

* The ability to heal yourself is far greater than anybody has given you permission to believe.

The Golden Secrets is Now an App!!!

Shot by Marcel Indik

Shot by Marcel Indik


Exciting news!!! The Golden Secrets has gone mobile and is now available at the App Store. The Golden Secrets app is a convenient way to stay connected to the latest updates and posts. Get your free download here!

My motivation has always been to try to help others and not having the ability to answer all the emails and calls I get from people desperate for help, I started The Golden Secrets in hopes to share on a broader scale, the tools and secrets that I have  acquired not only on my journey back to health but in all aspects of my life experiences. I truly believe  that every challenge we encounter throughout our lives is an opportunity for us to create more light. The Golden Secrets is everything health, beauty, fitness, parenting, spirituality, elevating consciousness and empowering you to find your own path to fulfillment and optimal wellness.

*Every day I wake up with a plethora of secrets I can’t wait to share.

5 Stages of Love/Day 5

Final Honeymoon

A picture of my Beloved Grandparents who spent 71 years together and 65 married.

A picture of my Beloved Grandparents who spent 71 years together and 65 married.



This is the final stage. The stage that kept our grandparents together for over 65 years. The stage where real true love is derived from. Once you have gone through all the gunk and mess of finding out about each others wounds and tics and go through the lessons that your partner puts right in front of you, you come to a place of selfless/unconditional love. Choosing to love that person, knowing all their flaws and strengths and being by their side no matter what. It has depth and substance in comparison to the first honeymoon phase. There is lust and passion like never before built from all the experiences you have gone through together. You can’t imagine your life without this person and you find gratitude in every day spent together. It is a choice everyday and everyday you choose love.

*Forever is not a word…rather a place where two lovers go when true love takes them there.

5 Stages of Love/Day 4

Epifany-This person can be my greatest teacher


You decide to start building bridges instead of walls. You realize that you truly love this person more than anything in the world and instead of pointing the finger at them you start using the mirror they gave you to start making changes on yourself. You accept the work that is ahead and know that anything worthwhile isn’t easy. You respect and love yourself and your partner and your relationship becomes the foundation for everything else to flourish. Communication, compassion, compromise and acceptance of oneself and each other becomes your creed. The sparks between you two become ignited and onto stage 5…

*True lovers aren’t the ones who are desperately trying to change each other, but the ones who are successfully growing up together.

5 Stages of Love/Day 3




All of your energy has been focused on your new relationship. You realize you have been neglecting yourself. You used to take care of yourself more by eating healthy, working out, accomplishing work goals but instead of taking responsibility for this change, you blame your procrastination  on your partner. Furthermore, instead of confronting the issue head on and talking towards a resolution, and building a strong bridge that connects the two of you, you start building walls. You start working against each other instead of with each other.  Intimacy starts to slow down and real life starts to take center stage again. Although all those “real life” things were always there all of it just seemed better in the beginning of the relationship. Now your partner becomes last on your list of priorities and the repercussion of all these built up emotions  opens up old wounds that you thought were healed. This intensity scares you and fear starts to creep into your thoughts. This is the time where you can choose love or fear. You can not live in both. This is where you see your partner, raw, open and broken and if the breakdown becomes a breakthrough then on to phase 4.

* “There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.”-John Lennon

5 Stages of Love/Day 2





After some beautiful time on cloud nine, reality starts to seep in. The honeymoon buzz dwindles down to a low hum and you start seeing those “things” you never saw before. Maybe the person had been doing them all along but you were so doped up on adrenaline and dopamine you chose not to see them. Now you start questioning who this person really is. Is he or she good enough? Do they have baggage? I didn’t like his or her response when I said so and so. You step back and question everything. Maybe you slow it down a little bit and instead of not wanting a minute to pass without seeing that person, you actually want a day to yourself. This is when you decide if the feelings you have for this person are strong enough to bare the road ahead. Knowing it will not be easy, you choose to move forward….and onto phase 3.

*Love is a meeting of two souls, fully accepting the dark and the light within each other bound by the courage to grow thru struggle into bliss.

5 Stages of Love/Day 1

The Honeymoon




Ahhh the honeymoon period. You know that feeling when you have met someone you really like and you get butterflies just thinking about them. You find yourself day dreaming and dancing on cloud nine. Hormones overflowing with excitement, you seem unable to sleep and your appetite is completely suppressed. Everything you have ever wanted to do in your life now seems possible. This blissful stage is the time in a person’s life that movies are written. It’s the reason why people do crazy things, like move across the world or make other drastic life changes. It’s a whirlwind of everything is perfect and this person could do no wrong in my book. It is one of the most natural intoxicating highs of life that we all crave. However, we could not exist forever on this cortisone plane of lust. It will only last for so long, as it should. On to phase 2…

*When I saw you, I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. William Shakespeare


The 5 Stages Of Love


Photo Credit: Mahina Alexander & Connor Jensen

Love! A human being can not live without love. First and foremost love for yourself. Love is truly what makes the world go round, what breaks us, rebuilds us, and fills our lives with hope.

Our first love is often felt from our Mothers. If we are lucky, we will feel love not only from our Mothers but from our fathers, grandparents, siblings, friends, children of our own and ultimately partners. Some love is organic, primal, unconditional right from the start, as such with a child. But what screws us up most is the image we have in our heads about how love in relationships are supposed to be or look. Love doesn’t look like it is always betrayed…blissful, effortless, perfect harmony. Love is complete madness, it’s fierce, it’s opening up every wound and scar, it’s raw, it’s filled with lessons, it is a gift that gives us opportunities to grow, evolve, love, and be loved in return. The greatest relationships are the ones that we never expect, challenge our every view, that are all wrong and right at the same time. If we can look at every relationship as an opportunity to become a better person then no relationship is wasted. Ideally when you come out of it, you are not be the same person that walked into it. Love takes courage, understanding, and falling in love with yourself first then sharing that love with someone who appreciates and accepts you and after all that, someday all your broken pieces just might be put back together. True love isn’t found it is built one moment, one word, one gesture at a time.

Starting tomorrow, I will take you through the 5 stages of Love. If you are in a relationship, I suggest reading the steps with your partner each day and if you are single you can begin to gather anything that resonates with you for when you choose to begin a relationship.

I am certainly not the expert on Love and relationships but Love does fascinate me and I have experienced all sides of the complicated, whirlwind that Love can bring. I only hope to share some secrets that I have learned along the way that may help you and your quest towards true love.

* To be fully seen by somebody, then, and be loved anyhow- this is a human offering that can border on miraculous. -Elizabeth Gilbert

10 Natural Ways To Cope With Stress


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It is inevitable that there will be times, days or weeks where life is stressful. The truth is, the stresses in life will always be there but they don’t have to affect your quality of life. You can choose to look at the positive and learn ways to cope and transmute stress as it comes up.

Here are some ways I have found that help me deal with everyday stresses.

1. Take one problem at a time.

2. Categorize issues as they come up. Ask yourself, what can I do? Will worrying and stressing help this situation?

3. Only deal with things you can change or do something about. If it is out of your control then let it go.

4. Talk to your friends about what is stressing you out. Let them see the bigger picture and be open to their advice.

5. Do not sit in solitude and run the same sequences though your head. Keep yourself focused on positive things going on in your life and go do them.

6. Find solace in prayer. You do not have to be religious to pray. You can pray to the universe or in affirmations, as if what you are asking for has already been granted.

7. Write down your ideal outcome for a situation to gain clarity. Let go of doubt and let your ideal outcome be so.

8. Maintain routines for meals, sleep, and exercise. Nourishing your body with good foods,getting adequate sleep and staying active will help you relieve stress.

9. Make it a rule to let go of the day after 8 p.m. or before dinner. Do not dwell on problems after a certain time of the day.

10. Breath, walk, hug, laugh, cry, be present and surrender.

*Stress is caused by being HERE but wanting to be THERE. -Eckhart Tolle

7 Ways To Get A Golden Tan From The Inside Out (Even in the Winter)

Shot by Marcel Indik

Shot by Marcel Indik

It seems most people desire a golden tan. Spending hours in the sun only to get burned or end up with sun damage. Or attempting self tanner, only to look orange and then spotty for days after.

People always compliment me on my skin color, yes I have my parents to thank but I have noticed a lack of glow and color when I am not doing my little tricks that I have acquired over the years.

Shhh….don’t tell but these tips are about to make you a Golden Goddess or God.


1. Iron (ferrous sulfate)- Make sure you are getting enough iron. Iron deficiency can cause you to feel tired, forgetful and pale. Yes, pale! Because iron helps with blood cells and brings oxygen to your body. Efficient absorption of iron is needed to have color to your skin. It is best to get your iron from iron rich foods such as chicken liver, mussels, and oysters being at the top of the list but if you have a more sensitive pallet, turkey, chicken, beans and veggies such as spinach and broccoli are other great sources. If you feel you may be low in iron, then it is wise to get a blood panel done by your doctor to see if you need extra supplementation.

2. Beta carotine– Proof is in the pudding….when my son was a baby, I gave him too many carrots and sweet potatoes and well he turned orange! This is seen more in babies because at first their diet consists of mostly vegetables and not much of anything else. I recommend drinking at least a cup of carrot juice a day and yams or sweet potatoes once or twice a week for a tint of color.

3. Astaxanthin–  Astaxanthin is an antioxidant that gives salmon and flamingo their pink hue. It will also give you a golden glow and helps remove scars and age spots. Eating salmon alone will not give you the benefits of Astaxanthin, as you would have to eat massive amounts. Saying that, salmon has numerous other benefits and should be eaten regularly. Read more about Astaxanthin here.

4. Sweat– Sweat it out and release toxins from your body to make your skin glow. I always say my skin looks best after a steam or an amazing yoga class where I sweat. I call it my “yoga glow”. Sweat releases toxins that would otherwise not be able to be released. Bringing blood to the surface, opening up your pores and letting your skin breath and shine.

5. Sun– Yes you do need some sun. It is healthy and vital in small doses. I love the sun and when I don’t have it, I miss it. Growing up in Chicago I would get very sad during the long winters so I am very grateful to now live in sunny California. Saying that, I used to believe that the sun had to be blazing in order to reap it’s benefits. That is simply not true. I believe in being in natural sunlight at least 20 minutes a day even if it is overcast. Click here to read more benefits of sunshine.

6. Hydration– Hydrate internally and externally. Be sure to drink adequate amounts of water and electrolytes. I am a big fan of coconut water as it is more hydrating than Gatorade and a lot better for you. Moisturize daily with a chemical free, natural moisturizer. Organic coconut oil is great! Dry skin can make you look ashy and grey. Hydrate from the inside out with lots of veggie juice, herbal teas, kombucha, and coconut water.

7. Body Scrub– I am a huge advocate of scrubbing and I mean scrubbing until the skin is red. This is practiced regular in many Asian and European cultures to get rid of dead skin cells and help release toxins, creating smooth skin. I used to think that scrubbing would fade my tan but it is quite the contrary. It brings blood and circulation to the surface, which creates a beautiful natural tone to your skin color.

* No matter what shade of skin you have, if you nourish your body with good foods, love and light then you will glow from the inside out.


5 Ways to Make the Most Out of the New Year of the Sheep



In Chinese astrology each year represents a different animal. There are a total of 12 animals that cycle. Your animal is based on what year you were born. Click here to find out.

Beginning February 19, 2015 we move into the year of the Green Wood Sheep (goat/ram) the 8th animal in Chinese astrology. Under the yin influence, the sheep is a symbol of peace, balance, harmony, and calmness. Some years/animals are more suited for each sign  but tuning into each animal can help you make the most out of each year.

Heres some ways to do that:

1. This will be a year that more will be accomplished intellectually than physically. Having more compassion and kindness will go a long way, as the sympathetic sheep displays.

2. Practicing self-awareness, mindfulness, and focus is very important this year. The sheep makes great stride when it is determined and focused but careless, lack of attention can cause the sheep to stray from the herd and get lost.

3. Remembering to have fun along the way. The attitude you carry on the journey is what will determine your character and success in the end. Find playfulness in everyday. Always try to find humor and laugh it off.

4. Aligning with the essence and the energy of the sheep will give you are far greater advantage than not. Acknowledge the characteristics that you have that seem similar and play on those throughout the year. Steer clear from comparing yourself to others,instead only strive to be a better version of yourself.

5. The sheep is a giver of love and affection and loves to be associated with social groups. Knowing this, be wise to spend your time and energy with like-minded spirits and affiliate yourself with social groups that uplift your soul and encourage your growth.

*Ideas are easy. It’s the execution of ideas that really separates the sheep from the goats. – Sue Grafton



***The Gift of Yoga***

10 reasons to give yourself the gift of yoga this holiday season.

1. Yoga instills a peace of mind, no matter what outside influences there are.

2. With consistent practice, yoga creates a healthy, subtle body which combats common problems that occur with the aging process.

3. Helps clear negative thought patterns and teaches you to be present.

4. Helps your body rid itself of toxins and stagnant breath.

5. Tones and strengthens your entire body.

6. Elongates your body and helps you become more flexible and ease pain from arthritis or stiff joints.

7. Teaches you to be content even in the most difficult poses and gives you such tools to use when life gets difficult.

8. Yoga is a healthy creative outlet for you to transmute energy and emotions.

9. Yoga creates mindfulness and helps you tune in, instead of tuning out.

10. Continual yoga practice helps one develop patience, compassion and the beauty of simplicity.

*Mastery of yoga is really measured by how it influences our day-to-day living, how it enhances our relationships, how it promotes clarity and peace of mind.- T.K.V Desikachar

The 15 Healing Items I Always Have In MY Bag.



My must haves that I always have in my bag/purse. Most items can be found at your local health food store.

Rescue Remedy gum & spray– Flower remedy, natural stress reliever that is great for any moment where you are feeling overwhelmed, nervous, stressed or just need a little help to calm down.

EO lavender hand sanitizer– Alcohol free hand sanitizer for when washing your hands is not possible. I also use it to clean the air sometimes, if I know someone who was sick was in my space.

Boiron Arnica Montana– Homeopathic remedy for sore joints and muscles, overuse, bumps and bruises. Great to have on hand if you suddenly have back or neck pain or something more serious, like your child took a bad fall.

Dr Ohira’s Probiotics– Huge advocate of probiotics and these are great because they do not need any refrigeration so no matter where I go, I always have my probiotics.

Herb Pharm Cayenne– Great herbal first aid remedy used for warming the body, kicking a cold, increasing circulation, aiding in digestion to more serious things like helping to stop bleeding or helping someone who is in shock. I love to add a couple drops to my morning carrot juice or mid day tea.

Colodial Silver– Natural antibiotic that is great for the first sign of any illness. To be taken internally and can be used externally on cuts, sores, and even on the face as a little pick me up spritz.

Herbal Zap– I spend a lot of time on sets and there is always someone getting sick or getting over being sick. This is a great Ayurvedic immune support to have on hand and it tastes great too.Click here for Herbal Zap

The Golden Secrets Essential Oil– My personal essential oil that I have been wearing for years is now available for everyone. It truly is a piece of me and has a magical, desirable scent but also has healing benefits on the mind and body. Has the ability to help you cultivate what it is you need to accomplish each day and give you clarity. I use it throughout the day for a quick pick me up.

Click here to learn more and buy The Golden Secrets Essential Oil

This Naturally lip balm– All natural ingredients that actually plumps up and moisturizes the lips and smells great too. Can also be used on dry skin, face and cuticles. Click here for This Naturally lip balm and other amazing products

Stevia– A plant that is sweeter than sugar, zero calories and may even harness other health benefits. A lot of restaurants are now carrying stevia but I always have it on hand just in case. Avoid splenda  at all costs.

Accupuncture ring– An acupuncture ring is a ring that you put on each individual finger, rolling the ring up and down a couple of times then moving onto the next finger. We have all of our nerve endings in our hands and feet so simply doing this self-massage has an overall stress release effect on the whole body. Creating a calm and relaxed feeling.

Yourtea/tiny tea– An organic tea that nourishes and gently cleanses the digestive system. Also helps with bloating, removing toxins, and improves energy levels. Tastes great and is perfect 30 minutes prior or after eating. Click here for Yourtea

Tulsi tea– A powerful adaptogen tea that has more benefits than I can name, but to name a few it is anti-aging, balances energy levels, abundant in antioxidants and reduces stress. There are numerous yummy flavors and I always have one on hand.

Similasan eye drops– I tend to have dry eyes so I always have these natural, homeopathic drops on hand. Great for any kind of eye irritation or eye strain.

* Crystal (white quartz)- My whole house is filled with crystals so of course I keep a little one in my bag. I am very drawn to them and their healing abilities so there are times throughout my week when I pull my crystal out for a little inspiration, grounding, or healing.

I’m an optimist, but I’m an optimist that carries a raincoat. – Harold Wilson


The Golden Secrets Essential Oil Benefits

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Each oil is personally made by me with love and light. All oils are organic and pure. The actual recipe must remain a secret but here are some of the benefits this magical oil can cultivate…

* This divine natural fragrance will adapt to your own body chemistry. Creating a beautiful blend, as unique as you.

* This scent can calm, balance, and harmonize your energies and those close to you. It’s refreshing aroma helps to cleanse, refresh, and strengthen the mind and body.

* Once your body adjusts to the synergy of the oil it can attract and entice abundance in all areas of your life.

* The tantric magic of this blend originated from Roman folklore, used as an attraction oil or aphrodisiac to stimulate romance.

* Those that respond pleasant to it are there to stay and those that aren’t should stay away.

Suggested affirmations to recite while applying the oil to further enhance it’s benefits.
I am loved, I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am calm, I am grounded, I am strong, I am wise.

Share Your Light

Let me know what you think about The Golden Secrets Oil by sharing your experience @TheGoldenSecrets

You can use: #TheGoldenSecrets #TheGoldenSecretsOil or #BeGolden

Signs From Loved Ones On The Otherside


Since I was a child, I have had a deep connection with the other side. Often spending hours talking to spirits and loved ones that had passed. My experiences and curiosity opened up many conversations with family and friends, where we made pacts, that if one of us would cross over that we would let the other one know we were ok somehow. Unfortunately that pact has come to fruition several times in my life, as I have lost many dear to me but the beauty in it is I know they are never far and always with me because they have all let me know.

Here are some common ways that spirits or loved ones passed can communicate with you.

It’s a feeling– If you feel that they are with you, then they are. It is an indescribable feeling. As if you are not alone, even when you physically are. Feeling a cold chill of goose bumps, a delicate touch, whisper, or essence behind you. It is them letting you know they are with you.

Electricity– Lights turning on and off, alarms, televisions, radios turning on at random are all ways that they are able to connect with you. Spirits have the ability to create electrical disturbances. In the past, I have experienced all of the above including my alarm going off inside the house due to body temperature presence. Usually the manifestation of a spirit creates a “cold Spot.” When there is no other explanation for these disturbances then you can assume it is a spirit trying to get your attention.

Money– Do you ever find random change somewhere you know you did not put there? Special coins that have a meaning only you would know. Maybe the date or the origin of the coin confirms a special message between you and a loved one. Or any object, trinket, flower or feather. A symbol that tells you it is them and everything is going to be ok.

Music– It is one thing to have your radio turn on randomly but it is extra special when that song plays that only you and your loved one know. Communicating through music is very profound because through the song they are able to say so much more.

Scents -Familar scents that you associate with that person but a smell that comes from know where and has no rhyme or reason. As in a particular cigar that your uncle smoked but your alone in your home. Or Driving alone and you get an overwhelming whiff of your Grandma’s perfume.

Dreams– Communicating through dreams so real that it’s as if you spent the entire night with someone who is no longer earth-bound and often awake as if you never slept. I experience a lot of these dreams and even before my Grandmother passed I did as well. She was in and out of consciousness for a while, almost between worlds due to her declining health.  I was unable to see her as often as I liked because she lived across the country so I would tell her telepathically to meet me on this “park bench” in my dream. I would have these very vivid dreams of us where we would spend hours laughing and eating like old times. One day I told my Mom and she casually asked my Grandma if she had seen me lately and she replied, yes! we have dinner all the time together. Yes, we do Gram.

Animals– There are special animals that represent families past. As in a red cardinal but you will most likely have your own animal that will often come by to say hello. An animal synonymous to you or your loved one or an animal that is acting strange as in a wild animal being more friendly than normal. Or your own pet acting as if someone else is there, chasing an invisible person,barking, or acting peculiar. Animals have a 6th sense and often see more than us, children as well.

Apparition– Seeing a silhouette of a body form that upon recognition, slowly disappears. Since I was a child I have seen people standing  watching over me. Still to this day at least once a week, I will see an apparition at the edge of my bed. I know it can seem scary at first but it can be very comforting too. The reason this often happens at night is the veil between the physical and the metaphysical is thinnest between the hours of 3-4 am. It is just you and them tuning in at the same vibration.

* “ Whether you’ve seen angles floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise.” -Martha Beck


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